Shuttering elements for ceiling and foundation of smooth zinc coated sheet metal Type RA

System specifications type RA:

MSL ceiling and foundation wall shuttering is made of zinc coated sheet metal. Wall shuttering RA is made of 2 or 3 parts:

  1. Wall shuttering of smooth zinc coated sheet metal with an upper and a lower bend in element lengths of 2.53 m.
  2. Retention and pressure compensation shuttering of angled sheet metal.
  3. Reinforcement angles of sheet metal with perforation for securing purposes.

The large base area of MSL wall shuttering ensures very high element stability. 

Type RA-1 height 150 to 230 mm


H MM150180200230
B MM120120120140

* with additional drill hole ø 6mm, 300mm from the base for fastening in place

Type RA-2 height 250 to 500 mm with retention angle


H MM250300350*400*450*500*
B MM150180210240270300