Foundation Formwork Systems

Technical specifications type FS 2040:  

Element length with overlapping:2.53 m
Element length actual:2.50 m
Element height:according to specifications
Profiling of lateral wall:35-58/26 mm
System components: 1 (casing)
Weight per sqm:approx.11 kg
Free-standing cement height:to 0.5 m
Available in radius:upon request
Delivery time per casing by arrangement
Assembly times:approx. 0.1 h/qm



Single-sided foundation shuttering type FS 2040

 System specifications type FS 2040:

The MSL FS 2040 system was developed as base edge shuttering and single-sided foundation wall shuttering. The 2.53 m long shuttering elements consist merely of 0.5 mm thick sheet metal that is greatly reinforced by MSL trapezoidal profiling. On the upper shuttering parts the MSL elements are canted approximately 2.0 cm inwards and 1.0 cm downwards. This improves stability but primarily forms a safety edging preventing cut injuries when climbing over the shuttering. The elements are very light due to the trapezoidal sheet metal being a mere 0.5 mm thick.

The trapezoidal design makes it possible to secure rear anchoring on the inner side of the shuttering using the support brackets adjacent to the profiling without difficulty.

The wide element base of 20 cm to 40 cm width depending on height makes for stability of positioning. To make sure this surface does not act over the entire width like a separating piece of metal sheeting between foundation course and base or foundations themselves it is split into at least two parts. The gap ensures that a one-piece concrete core lies between the pressure compensation metal sheeting and the lateral edging shuttering sheet metal. The nominal length of the FS 2040 is 2.5 m. The 3 cm overlap at the join is not included in MSL dimensional calculations. At corners the elements are butt jointed. MSL can supply special corner connection sectioning on request. The circular type in photos 2 and 3 was created by the client cutting the installation base area and upper canting.

The FS 2040 system is called SRA by MSL when used as base edge shuttering. Please refer to the MSL DRA SRA brochure for further details.